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Remember those swiffer commercials where the broom was like in love and in the background they would play ‘who’s that lady’ and it was just

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fr*icken snapchat i swear

what letter is bleeped out in fr*icken

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4/20? You mean 1/5 reduce your fractions did you even learn math

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"They had me rigged on this thing where I’m holding onto handles on his shoulder with my legs wrapped around his neck. He’s kinda trying to throw me off and I’m on top of him and it was so many hours of me, riding him like a mechanical bull.” 

"And we’re looking over at the producers and we’re like, ‘are you happy now? Do we have enough footage?’ and they’re like, ‘looks great on camera!" - (x)

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Tom Hiddleston in Toronto on April 10, 2014 [HQ]

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But then —



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ok, idk how easy this is to read but since everyone is discussing dates, i went to the movie to check. this is steve’s rejection from the beginning, his birthday is in the upper right corner and there’s ANOTHEr date in the lower left which I think is supposed to be a today’s date kind of thing and it looks to be June 14 1943

so there we go, steve enlists in mid 1943

#this feels late for bucky to be enlisting #but that isn’t the issue

How interesting that you would mention this, because I’ve recently been thinking he didn’t enlist. His serial number, which he’s heard muttering when Steve comes to rescue him, starts “32557.”

According to this fabulous WWII serial number generator, an enlisted man from New York should have a serial number starting with the numbers “12.”

A New York man with a serial number starting with “32”? Drafted. What we may be dealing with here is a Bucky who didn’t choose to go to war but was instead compelled to do so versus a Steve who is desperate to get in. I think it opens up a lot of different and interesting storylines for the two of them.

There’s been some great meta/discussion about this in the last couple days, which I think is great.

Makes you wonder if Bucky got the draft, and then, knowing how Steve felt about things, told his best buddy he was “enlisting.” Because how do you face this skinny, brave idiot who just won’t stop trying to volunteer that you wouldn’t be going if you didn’t have to?