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I’m especially pleased with this border, though the whole piece makes me happy. I’m debating putting it in the kitchen.

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Anthony Mackie | Black and White TIFF Press Conference {x}

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Fall Out Boy Centuries Centuries - Single


Centuries - Fall Out Boy


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Suddenly her mom’s silence matched Jackie’s own. “Oh, my God,” she murmured in disbelief. “Are you gay?”

"Yeah," Jackie forced herself to say.

After what felt like an eternity, her mom finally responded. “I don’t know what we could have done for God to have given us a fag as a child,” she said before hanging up.


She got a call from her older brother. “He said, ‘Mom and Dad don’t want to talk to you, but I’m supposed to tell you what’s going to happen,’” Jackie recalls. “And he’s like, ‘All your cards are going to be shut off, and Mom and Dad want you to take the car and drop it off at this specific location. Your phone’s going to last for this much longer. They don’t want you coming to the house, and you’re not to contact them. You’re not going to get any money from them. Nothing. And if you don’t return the car, they’re going to report it stolen.’ And I’m just bawling. I hung up on him because I couldn’t handle it.” Her brother was so firm, so matter-of-fact, it was as if they already weren’t family.

— You should read this Rolling Stones piece on Queer kids getting kicked out by their religious parents. And remember it.  (via fuckyeahdiomedes)
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being genderfluid and pansexual means that no matter who i date, it is both a gay and a straight relationship. schrodinger’s gay.

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Male-female literacy differential map, 2005. Indicates, not the overall level of literacy, but the gap between male and female literacy rates.

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Repeat after me:


I am beautiful. I am good enough. I am enough. I am more than enough. I am worth it. I am valued. I am not my flaws or insecurities. I am not my pain or defeat. I am not my doubts or fears. I am strong. I am imperfect. I am empowered. I am loved. I am okay. I am going to be okay. I am not just my body. I am a beautiful human being and I deserve to be here. 

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My kind of book.

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a lot of people are STILL asking me how Iggy Azalea is racist and homophobic so i’m just going to make a proper post 

in addition to all of this she also calls herself a “slave master” at 0:06 in this video

the amount of notes on this post

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Ray Rice spat on his wife Janay, beat her unconscious, and then carelessly dragged her limp body out of an elevator. The team released this message and only suspended for two games. Fuck the NFL.

Update: Since this video was leaked this morning the NFL have terminated Rice’s contract and suspended him indefinitely. Why did they wait 5 months to take action? They would have allowed Rice to continue playing had this video not been released. Fuck the NFL.